All Saints Memorial Garden

 All Saints

Memorial Garden

Trinity Lutheran Church’s All Saints Memorial Garden is a special place to commemorate the lives of loved ones at the end of their faith journey.

Loved ones are interred in the Garden and a brief history of the person is added to the Memorial Book.   A memorial brick with the person’s name, date of birth and death will be placed in the Garden Courtyard.

All SaintsEach person’s cremated human remains are interred in the soil of the Garden in an undesignated space and become a permanent part of the Garden.

The Garden is beautifully landscaped with plantings of groundcover, flowers, and shrubs The Garden is maintained by the All Saints Memorial Garden committee.  To maintain the master design for the Garden, no other plantings are allowed.

Those wishing to use the Garden for interment must sign the Memorial Garden Application.   Payment for interment is requested when signing the Application.

A One Time Payment of $1000 includes:

 Interment of Ashes

 Name on Memorial Plaque

 Engraved Memorial Brick

 Garden Maintenance

 Administrative Costs


A copy of the Application is available in the church office and on-line.

Regardless of your future plans, contributions to the All Saints Memorial Garden are most  gratefully accepted.  Gifts to the Garden will be used towards the master design or maintenance.