Greetings from Trinity Lutheran Preschool!

 It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school!  We hope the information below helps you with your enrollment decisions, and we hope you will consider us in your child’s first learning experience of their academic career.

 Trinity Lutheran Preschool is a non-profit organization that has been in operation for over 50 years, forming relationships with many families throughout the Midland community. Many people have contributed years of hard work and dedication into making this program what it is today. Each year we share our experiences with over 90 families, ranging in ages from 2-5 years, making Trinity Lutheran Preschool one of the most popular and honorable organizations in early childhood development. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer various experiences to children in a fun, safe, and positive environment.

 The Trinity Lutheran Preschool staff is highly qualified in the field of early childhood education, offering a researched based Creative Curriculum® format. This curriculum allows preschoolers to explore their own interests while introducing them to new concepts. Our lead instructors have earned their degrees in early education from accredited universities and have over 25 years of experience in the classroom. At Trinity Lutheran Preschool, we offer a fun and exciting atmosphere, where your child can learn in a loving and caring environment.

 We invite you to visit our classroom on any occasion and see the classroom as the children learn and play!  It is not only important that your child feels welcome and safe in our facility, but for you as a parent when you drop your child off each day. Please stay awhile, and learn why Trinity Lutheran Preschool is considered one of the best preschools in Midland!

Together in learning,

Andrea Berchert

Trinity Lutheran Preschool


Our Philosophy & Mission ~

We believe it is important for children to have experiences with peers and caring adults in a fun, safe, and positive environment. The mission of Trinity Lutheran Preschool is to provide a nurturing, educational, and Christian environment based on the need and age level of each child. Our program will emphasize the following developments:


Our Program ~

Our unique program is designed to enhance the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs of children. Areas of growth and development are highlighted within our daily lesson plans, which our staff brings to life each day in appropriate and attainable ways.  Our children are continually learning, laughing, and growing as they explore music, art, math, and science. We encourage natural curiosity and creativity, and for children to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs and abilities through the professional guidance of our teachers. Each day material is presented in a consistent flow that preschoolers can easily anticipate and follow.


Teachers and students develop positive relationships that are interactive, rather than simply directive. The result from this relationship develops a love for learning, confidence, and a healthy self-esteem.


Our Staff ~

The Trinity Lutheran Staff is highly qualified in the field of early elementary education. Both lead teachers have early education degrees and over 25 years of combined experience in the classroom. All staff members have gone through intense, ongoing training and have recorded numerous hours in early childhood education seminars & courses, including hours in the classroom. Every teacher is CPR and First Aid Certified through the American Red Cross.  Our entire staff is personally committed to bringing you the very best in early childhood education.


Quality Assurance ~

Trinity Lutheran Preschool is committed to offering a safe environment for your child. Each year we willingly undergo strict licensing reviews and requirements for the staff members and the facility by the State of Michigan. As a licensed preschool, we meet important benchmarks for safety, educational quality, and individualized care. Trinity Lutheran Preschool offers a facility that is safe and meets the necessary requirements by the State. We pride ourselves in our facility and the assurance your child will be safe from harm when they are in our care.


Our Curriculum ~

At Trinity Lutheran Preschool, our motto is “Teaching through experience, learning with imagination.” In our eyes, fun comes first because play is the foundation for learning.  We follow The Creative Curriculum®, a researched based curriculum focusing on the needs of your child.  The curriculum combines how children learn, the family’s role in their child’s learning, the environment, and what the child learns as building blocks for success. The Creative Curriculum® has certain goals and objectives that provide your child with: Social/ Emotional development, Physical development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development. These goals will offer your child ample opportunities for free choice, creative expression, freedom to explore their environment, work independently, and promote problem solving.


Our Daily Routine ~

 Trinity Lutheran Teachers & Staff prepare the classroom for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with materials, other children, and adults. Experiences are offered that meet children’s needs and stimulate learning.  Trinity Lutheran Preschool strives to create a structured, daily routing the child can feel comfortable with and expect to see each day. However, our curriculum allows us to stray from the normal routine and teach to the children’s interests at a moment’s notice.  The daily plan and its contents may be altered based on the needs of a particular class and its children. A typical daily plan is divided into the following segments:


  • Arrival & Check-in: The students will take care of their belongings, find/write their name to sign in for the day, and occupy themselves with a book or other learning material in the group circle until all students enter and the teacher is ready to begin.
  • Group Time:  The class is greeted by the teaching staff and they are lead through opening circle activities, such as songs, sharing, calendar, weather, stories, the day’s activities, and sharing.
  • Self Directed Play & Small Group Activities:  The children can freely choose from a variety of activities throughout the classroom for free choice time.  The children are also brought together in small groups for the daily lessons.  The children will explore: Learning centers, arts & crafts, language skills, early math skills, cooking, and pre-reading skills.
  • Snack Time:  Children join together to share in a healthy (but fun) snack.  After the children have had time to talk and enjoy each other’s company, they will clean their tables with the help of the preschool staff.
  • Group & Story Time:  The children gather together to enjoy music, games, sharing, puppet plays, and instruments.  An interactive story  and outdoor playtime is always to be found somewhere in the mix!
  • Closing Activities & Departure:  The preschool staff ends the day, children gather their personal belongings, and line up to exit the building.  The preschool staff escorts the children to parents waiting at their cars.


Our Facility ~

Trinity Lutheran Preschool is located in the lower level of Trinity Lutheran Church, offering over 2000 square feet of recently remodeled activity areas for your child. Our spacious facility offers many opportunities to learn, play and grow with their friends each day, including a new playground for their outdoor enjoyment. We continually update our layout, equipment, and learning materials to offer your child the best possible opportunities available. We have also willingly undergone strict reviews for classroom security features and management, making Trinity Lutheran Preschool one of the safest preschools associated with a church in the Midland community.


Snacks ~

Children are offered a healthy snack each day they attend preschool. Parents provide snacks for the children once per calendar year. A helpful list of fun foods the children love and a schedule is distributed at the parent orientation meeting in the fall. Trinity Lutheran Preschool will try to accommodate children with food allergies if at all possible, however parents may be asked to provide their child’s snacks throughout the year for safety reasons.


Classes ~

We offer a child centered program that encourages preschoolers to explore their own interests while introducing them to new concepts. Classes comprise three instructors for a 1:6 adult-to- child ratio average. The instructors for each class remain the same each time your child enters the classroom, promoting safety, security, and consistency for your child. We currently offer the following programs:


2’s & You  This class is designed for you or a loved one to attend with your child once a week. One of our Preschool Instructors will guide you and your child through various fine & gross motor activities, art, stories, music, and dance. Your child will love spending time with you while engaging in social and age appropriate activities with others their age.

Morning 3’s  Children will spend two days a week in the classroom learning, exploring and creating. Time is spent on independence skills; early learning skills such as the alphabet, writing, counting, sequencing, & graphing; hygiene; art; sharing; cooking; field trips and more.

Morning 4’s  In this class, children spend three days a week in the classroom. All aspects of learning are encouraged and monitored by our staff, using the attributes learned in the three’s as building blocks as they continue on into the next level of their academic career. Early learning skills are continued with the addition of math, science, and more.

Young 5’s  Students spend 3 days a week in our classroom with the Morning 4’s, then stay for lunch and further into the afternoon for an extended day option. Kindergarten readiness skills are offered while exploring a more in depth look at math, science, writing, reading, art, and more.

Lunchtime Learners  Students from both classes have the opportunity to spend an extra hour at the completion of their class.  Students will participate in organized activities and outdoor play, including lunch brought from home.  Extra fees apply.


Class Offerings & Schedule ~

In order to offer the best possible experience for your child, Trinity Lutheran Preschool has a maximum number of spaces available for children in each age group. We offer a low teacher to student ratio to provide more personal attention to your child. Due to State of Michigan Licensing requirements for Child Care Centers, there are certain guidelines for enrollment in the Trinity Lutheran Preschool program. Children must be of the appropriate age by September 1st and have independent bathroom skills to be eligible for enrollment. The 2021-22 school calendar will follow the Midland Public Schools calendar as closely as possible. We are a 9 month program, requiring a commitment for the entire year. 

Our program will run September through May. 


Morning 3’s:                                    Tuesday/Thursday                  9:00-12:00 Noon


Morning 4’s:                                    Monday/Wednesday/Friday    9:00-12:00 Noon


Young 5's Extended Day:                Monday/Wednesday/Friday      9:00-2:30 pm (with lunch) 


Lunchtime Learners:                       Monday-Friday                     12:00-1:00 pm



Enrollment Policy:

To enroll your child in Trinity Lutheran Preschool you will need to complete a registration form and submit it with a $50 registration fee. $75 if registering two children from the same household. The registration fee is non-refundable unless the child is denied the class request and an alternate class is not chosen. Trinity Lutheran Preschool reserves the right to: Group children into classes of “older” and “younger” children; Establish new classes or delete classes based on enrollment.


The enrollment period has two distinct phases: 1.  Returning & Member enrollment, and 2. Open enrollment. Trinity Lutheran Preschool takes every action to place children in the requested class and time. On occasion, demand for certain classes exceeds the amount of available space. In order to ensure a fair and systematic registration process, classes will be filled based on certain criteria if there is a demand for a particular class. A points system has been developed giving preference to returning children/families and Trinity Lutheran Church members during the Returning & Member enrollment period. This system is only used when necessary. If this system is necessary, the points assigned are as follows: Trinity Lutheran Church Member, 2 points; Returning Preschool Child (including 2 yr. olds enrolled during the current year), 2 points; Returning Preschool family, 1 point. If children who register have the same point value and request the same class, Trinity Lutheran Preschool will examine the child’s birth date, date & time application is submitted, and staff recommendations as to where the child should be placed.


If we are unable to fulfill your request for placement and an alternate class is not available, we will refund your registration fee. At this time, we will also offer the option of placing your child on a waiting list. At the end of the Returning & Member enrollment period, all remaining spaces will be made available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.  Trinity Lutheran Preschool does not discriminate in race, creed, color, sex or national origin.


What happens once you are enrolled ~

Once your child has been placed, you will receive a confirmation of placement letter in the mail, along with a parent manual and Health Appraisal Form. At this time, a $200 deposit will be due within 10 working days to hold your child’s place.  This deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied to the first quarterly tuition payment. After the $200 is applied to the first quarterly tuition payment, you will be responsible to pay the remainder of this quarterly payment. Notification of tuition payments and dates will be sent home in May. Necessary documentation that is mandatory for enrollment prior to the first day of class includes: 

  • Proof of immunization 
  • State of Michigan Health Appraisal form, signed by a licensed physician*

*We ask that you complete this form and return it prior to the first day of school in September.


Payment Schedule ~

Upon notification of placement, tuition payments begin during early summer and continue throughout the school year. Payment options are as follows:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Lump sum


Families who choose to make monthly payments are required to pay the first quarterly payment by the required due date. After your $200 deposit is applied, you are required to pay the remainder of the first quarterly payment. After this payment is complete, all monthly payments are due the first of every month, beginning September 1.  Quarterly payments are due on June 18, August 20, October 22, and February 18.  Tuition can be paid in full at any given time. The deposit is non-refundable should you choose to drop for any reason.  If you choose to withdraw your child, we must be notified prior to August 1st. After August 1st, Trinity Lutheran Preschool reserves the right to obtain all paid tuition payments.


Late payment/NSF Charges/Failure to Pay ~

Trinity Lutheran Preschool makes every attempt to notify preschool families of payment due dates prior to and during the school year. Prompt payments are appreciated, however if a payment is not received by the scheduled date, the following procedures to collect the payment will be as follows:

  1. Written notification will be sent home to the family informing them of the missed payment.
  2. If within 3 days the payment is not received, the preschool director will call the family informing them of the missed payment. Trinity Lutheran Preschool reserves the right to deny attendance to the child if the tuition payment falls behind so that payments no longer cover the days the child attends.
  3. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed every 3 days the payment is late.
  4. There is a $5 fee (or current bank charge) for all returned checks.
  5. Trinity Lutheran Preschool reserves the right to legally collect any unpaid tuition.


Scholarship Opportunities ~

In conjunction with Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Preschool is pleased to offer a limited number of financial scholarships to families in need. The scholarship program only allows partial financial assistance. Trinity Lutheran Preschool is also pleased to offer the Lois Craven Memorial Scholarship, a full tuition offer for one family who qualifies based on certain criteria.  If you are in need of assistance, please fill out the scholarship application in this packet and submit it with your application. Scholarship requests are reviewed by the Trinity Lutheran Preschool Board of Directors.


Parent Involvement ~

Trinity Lutheran Preschool believes parental involvement will provide a wholesome environment for children. We encourage you to take an active roll in your child’s preschool years by joining the activities and events that are scheduled throughout the year. The main responsibilities of Trinity Preschool parents are:

  • Attend the Parent Orientation meeting held in September.
  • Visit the classroom with your child during Meet & Greet scheduled in September.
  • Provide snacks for the classroom during your scheduled time.
  • Read the emails and notes sent home as a form of communication.
  • Volunteer. Although we are a private preschool, parents are welcome at anytime.


Field Trips ~

Occasionally the classes will take field trips to local attractions. This is a great way for the kids to learn outside of the classroom in an open environment. While the children venture out of the classroom, they work on showing respect, listening skills, patience, and kindness to others. Transportation to and from field trips is not provided by Trinity Lutheran Preschool, therefore parents must transport their child. Parents are welcome, but not required to stay during the field trip. Trinity Lutheran Preschool staff members will be present for supervision. The cost of all field trips for your child are included in the cost of tuition.


We hope this registration packet has helped to answer your questions. If for any reason you should require more information, we would be more than happy to do so.  Click here to contact the Trinity Lutheran Preschool office.



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